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Alina by your side

Unlock the key to short-term rental success with Hello Hosty! Our 10 years of luxury property management and incredible AI technology allow us to bring you Alina, our guest communication assistant. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to effortless, next-level guest communications. Let’s create something amazing together!



For property Owners

Bid farewell to the days of being at the beck and call of guest messages round the clock. With our cloud-based platform, you can now take charge of your portfolio and maintain complete control over guest communication. Introducing Alina, your AI guest messaging assistant, powered by Chat-GPT. Alina is always fully under your control, enabling you to effortlessly connect with guests at any hour, on your terms. Embrace the freedom of seamless guest communication while staying in command with Alina by your side.

For property Managers

Streamline property management with Alina, the ultimate assistant for multiple properties. Say goodbye to countless hours responding to guests, as Alina ensures accurate, timely, and friendly interactions. With Alina’s comprehensive understanding of your properties, professionalism is guaranteed. Eliminate the need for extensive messaging, as Alina remains available 24/7, tirelessly attending to guest inquiries. Maximise efficiency and elevate your property management game with Alina by your side.

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